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First in class oral tablet for canine lymphoma.

3D Rendering of XPO1 with a Selective Inhibitor attached near the Nuclear Pore Complex

Novel SINE Technology
Targets Cancer at the Core

LAVERDIA-CA1 (verdinexor) binds to XPO1 to prevent the transport of tumor suppressor proteins (TSPs) from the nucleus of cells. TSPs then trigger apoptosis and slow the rapid replication of cancer.

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Oral Administration
Introduces New Options for
Lymphoma Patients

3 Laverdia PillsLAVERDIA-CA1 has demonstrated efficacy against B-cell and T-cell lymphoma, in both naïve and relapse cases.
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Don't let days pass without treatment. Use LAVERDIA-CA1 to help prevent further advancement of cancer before chemotherapy starts. Unlike prednisone, LAVERDIA-CA1 does not create resistance to cytotoxic drugs and can sensitize cancer cells to improve response to therapy.
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Stopped Chemotherapy

LAVERDIA-CA1 can be used as a rescue therapy for patients that have relapsed or cannot continue traditional chemotherapy due to side effects. Three tablet strengths allow for precise dosing that maximizes therapeutic benefit while minimizing side effects.
3D Rendering of XPO1 with a Selective Inhibitor attached near the Nuclear Pore Complex



Generally Well Tolerated

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Quality of Life

  • 95% of clinical study participants adhered to dosing requirements
  • No dogs discontinued therapy as a result of side effects in clinical trials
  • Most adverse reactions resolved spontaneously, or with supportive treatment, or dose modifications

Side Effects

  • The most common adverse events included: anorexia, weight loss, vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea
  • The majority of adverse events (95%) were Veterinary Cooperative Oncology Group (VCOG) grade 1 or 2. Side effects were effectively managed without hospitalization

Targeted Therapy

  • SINE class drug binds to XPO1 in a slowly reversible manner
  • Induces cancer cell death while generally sparing non-malignant cells



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