A Vet Tech’s Guide to Canine Lymphoma

1 hr CE credit

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As a veterinary technician, you’re an integral part of the patient care team and a primary client contact for even the most heart-wrenching cases. In this session, we’ll review current best practices for managing canine lymphoma patients, including current diagnostics and treatment options as well as guidelines for helping clients navigate difficult decisions. We will also address the importance of recognizing your personal response to patient loss and practicing self-care.

This program is pending RACE approval for 1 hour of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval.

Hosted by

Lindsay A. Lewis


Hospital Manager

TrueCare for pets

You'll learn:
  • Common presentation of canine lymphoma
  • Tests used to diagnosis lymphoma
  • Available treatment options
  • Techniques for monitoring patients undergoing treatment
  • Methods to help clients assess quality of life
  • Strategies to set realistic client expectations
  • How to recognize compassion fatigue and practice self-care

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