A Practical Guide for Implementing New Canine Lymphoma Protocols at Primary Care Clinics

1 hr CE credit

Managing canine lymphoma cases has historically involved referral to the veterinary oncologist. With a newly approved treatment option, general practitioners now have the ability to effectively treat lymphoma. In this session, we will discuss how practitioners can offer more than prednisone to clients that decline referral. We will review how to properly and safely treat dogs with lymphoma using Laverida™-CA1 (verdinexor). We will also discuss how to use it when other treatment modalities fail.

Hosted by

Dr. Julie Dinnage


Director, Veterinary Medical Affairs

You'll learn:
  • General overview of canine lymphoma
  • Understand the mechanism of action of and indications for Laverdia-CA1
  • Clinical expectations and assessing treatment success in lymphoma patients on Laverdia-CA1
  • Learn key best practice experiences from general practitioners who have implemented lymphoma treatment in their practices
  • Understand the importance of effective communication with the veterinary oncologist when referring and collaborating on cases
  • Identify how to properly store and handle Laverida-CA1 for the hospital team
  • Capture client communication sound bytes to ensure effective client compliance and alliance

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