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For dogs waiting for chemotherapy

Lymphoma is aggressive. Immediate treatment leads to improved outcomes

Don't let days pass without treatment
Use LAVERDIA-CA1 to help prevent further advancement of cancer before chemotherapy starts.
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Treatment: LAVERDIA-CA1
to help slow lymphoma progression immediately


10 YR. OLD



Peripheral T-cell lymphoma,
after swelling in neck was
reported by owner.

Pet Owner Decision

Felt confident about pursuing chemotherapy, but then learned there's a 3-week wait to see a specialist.


LAVERDIA-CA1 prevented further progression of disease for 3 weeks before CHOP treatment started.

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First-in-class Targeted Treatment

  • Developed with board-certified veterinary oncologists
  • Oral tablet administered at home
  • Targets cancer in the nucleus of cells
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Cancer care at home

Take-home tablet makes it easy to start treatment

Weekly calendar view with a Laverdia Pill on Monday and Thursday

Twice-weekly dosing
makes treatment convenient.

Four circles with checkmarks saying 'Naïve B-cell', 'Naïve T-cell', 'Relapse B-cell' and 'Relapse T-cell'
Four circles with checkmarks saying 'Naïve B-cell', 'Naïve T-cell', 'Relapse B-cell' and 'Relapse T-cell'

Proven efficacy
against B-cell and T-cell lymphoma, in naïve andrelapse cases.

Avoid steroids if chemotherapy
is in the future

Unlike prednisone, LAVERDIA-CA1 does not create resistance to future chemotherapy and may even sensitize cancer cells to improve response to therapy.

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Maintain quality of life

with manageable side effects.

Affordable Treatment Until
Chemotherapy Can Start

Pet owner cost



Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
Large Dogs

The cost of LAVERDIA-CA1 varied based on your dog's weight, dosage required, and duration of treatment. LAVERDIA-CA1 is prescribed and sold by veterinarians.

LAVERDIA-CA1 targets XPO1s to help block the rapid replication of cancer cells. Watch how it works.

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Hard on cancer, not on your dog
Across multiple clinical studies, no dogs discontinued LAVERDIA-CA1 as a result of side effects

  • Dogs maintain quality of life and continue their favorite activities.
  • Most side effects were mild or moderate and easily managed at home. Common side effects include anorexia, diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss, vomiting.

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