An Integrated Platform


Therapies for unmet needs


Development of therapeutics


A better life for your pet

Reducing the overwhelming complexity of medical science and clinical research, making it faster to discover new therapies

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Global Coverage

Data is gathered from global sources, providing coverage of the latest advancements in medicine

Real Time Data

Automated processes integrate data in real time, providing researchers the most current information

Faster Development

Advanced analytics allow researchers to quickly identify and accelerate promising candidates

Decreasing risk and creating a shorter overall timeline for our therapeutic programs

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>1 Billion Datapoints

Advanced algorithms utilize insights from a wide array of sources to aid in the discovery of new therapeutics

Curated Biodata

Gene Analysis reveals new insights into underlying causes to find better therapies

>65X Reduced Risk

Proprietary data analysis provides detailed insight on product candidates, reducing the risk of a failed program

Our platform allows research groups to take on more trials, accrue patients faster, and collect more detailed information

5X Faster Enrollment

Online marketplace and increased trial awareness significantly reduce recruitment times

Easier Administration

A centralized system to manage all trial applications reduces overhead and team resources needed for trials

Improved Screening

Access to detailed application information ensures candidates are moved through screening quickly

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Making it easier for veterinarians to discover, learn, and recommend clinical trials to their patients

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Better Access

Online & mobile app allow pet owners to participate from anywhere

Simplified Process

A single portal to manage the entire process of joining a clinical trial

33% More Efficient

Determine eligibility from the comfort of your home and make hospital visits more efficient

We're on a mission to improve the overall pet care experience using technology.

We develop tools that make make looking after your pet easier and more enjoyable from finding a nearby veterinarian when you're traveling to automatic prescription renewals and testing your dog's ancestral DNA with just a few taps. These are just some of the innovative solutions we are working on.

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Medication Reminders

Ensure your pet stays adherent to treatment

Genetic Pedigree

Understand your dog's genetic heritage and potential health risk factors

Petlife Hub

Everything about your pet's life, from grooming to walks, all in one place

Manage your pet's health with ease.

We're building world-class tools to help you use our products - Such as our Companion App.

Enroll in clinical studies.
Turn on custom trackers to monitor results when you're using an Anivive Therapeutic.
View your pet's DNA results and read relevant healthcare advice.
Use Dose, our handy pill dispenser, and set reminders to stick to your medication schedule.
Share your pet's x-rays to help make tomorrow's pet medicines even smarter.

Manage your pet's health with ease.

We're building world-class tools to help you use our products - Such as our Companion App.