Company Profile

We believe pets deserve more therapeutics developed and approved specifically for them.


Only 15% of pet diseases have an approved treatment. We’re working on therapeutics for the other 85%.

Anivive Lifesciences, Inc. is a next generation animal health company.

We combine artificial intelligence software, biotech, and veterinary medicine to serve the unmet medical needs of pets with a diverse pipeline of innovative products to treat cancers, infectious diseases, and endocrine conditions.

Using proprietary software and predictive analytics, Anivive is accelerating the discovery, development, and commercialization of new, affordable treatments for pets.

LAVERDIA-CA1, the first oral tablet conditionally approved by the FDA to lymphoma in dogs has shipped to over 475 veterinary oncology clinics.


As part of a partnership with Mars Veterinary Health, board-certified oncologists at VCA and BluePearl pet hospital were the first to receive and prescribe LAVERDIA-CA1 in May 2021. LAVERDIA-CA1 uses novel SINE technology to target cancer cells and slow their rapid replication.

The impact of canine lymphoma

Lymphoma is the most common cancer in dogs—and traditional therapies have not changed in decades.


1 in 5 cancer diagnoses is lymphoma


8 in 10 dogs are untreated due to side effects and costs over $5k


30-day life expectancy without chemotherapy

Valley fever is currently not preventable — and spreading


Anivive's Valley fever vaccine demonstrated efficacy in laboratory studies and now awaits completion of a field safety study prior to submission for approval.

The vaccine is designed to be given as an injection, the same way dogs receive other vaccines, with two injections the first year, and a single booster annually.

The impact of
Valley fever

Valley fever is caused by a soil borne fungi that thrives in semiarid regions and is expanding across the Western US.

Most Common

Reportable fungal disease in western US

Often Fatal

Even when treated, infection can recur and cause debilitations or death

5x Increase

In reported cases since the year 2000, with spread linked to climate change

We have in-licensed the global development and commercialization rights to 6 product candidates and hold exclusive rights to in-license up to 6 more. Additionally, we are continuing to develop our mid-stage therapeutic for the leading cause of death in kittens and young cats, feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Our early-stage therapeutics include new treatments for canine hemangiosarcoma and canine osteosarcoma.