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Pet Health & Preventative Care

Recognize the Subtle Signs of Pain
Anivive Team

Speak up for the ones who can’t: Your dog can’t tell you when they’re in pain, but these symptoms can.

5 Tips to Give Your Dog Their Pills
Anivive Team

Use these tips to help your stubborn dog take their medications.

Houseplants to Avoid If You Have a Cat
Anivive Team

Fatal flora to keep away from your cat

Tips for Preventing Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety in a Post Pandemic World
Dr. Julie Dinnage

Dogs have adjusted to having family around and may develop separation anxiety when owners return to work.

Diabetes in Humans and Animals
David Bruyette, DVM

A Q&A with Anivive’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Bruyette.

Caring for a Dog with Cancer

Dog Breeds Most Likely to Get Cancer
Anivive Team
When Treatment Starts, Play Doesn’t Have to Stop
Anivive Team

How to keep your dog engaged and moving during cancer treatment when they may be feeling down

Living With Lymphoma
Anivive Team

Tips to improve the quality of life for your dog with lymphoma.

An automated machine learning-based model predicts postoperative mortality using readily-extractable preoperative electronic health record data
Dr. Pierre Baldi
What to ask your Oncologist
Anivive Team

9 questions to guide your discussion with your dog’s oncologist

FDA Regulation of Animal Drugs

Why are There So Few Drugs Approved Specifically for Veterinary Use?
Dr. Stephen Sutherland

Four-Legged Family Members

Does Owning a Dog Make You More Attractive?
Anivive Team

Your dog shows other people that you are loyal, mature, and trustworthy—and may be the reason for your next date!

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
Anivive Team

Tips for managing a multi-species household.

Preclinical evaluation of the novel, orally bioavailable Selective Inhibitor of Nuclear Export (SINE) KPT-335 in spontaneous canine cancer: results of a phase I study
Dr. Cheryl London
Benefits of Bringing a Pet to the Office
Anivive Team

Using Technology to Advance Pet Health

How DNA Data Will Improve the Future of Pet Care
Anivive Team

Further research and testing can lead to improved treatments and quality of life for pets.

Phase II study of the oral selective inhibitor of nuclear export (SINE) KPT-335 (verdinexor) in dogs with lymphoma
Dr. Cheryl London
Deep Learning for Drug Discovery and Cancer Research: Automated Analysis of Vascularization Images
Dr. Pierre Baldi