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If your dog has lymphoma ask for LAVERDIA-CA1.

With Or <span>Without Prednisone.</span>
Extends Life
With Or Without Prednisone.
New Diagnosis

Works quick to block the reproduction of lymphoma cells.

LAVERDIA-CA1 can turn a palliative plan into a true statement, when combined with steroids like prednisone. For best results, prescribe immediately for dogs waiting to see a veterinary oncologist.

When Other <span>Treatments Fail.</span>
Fast & Effective
When Other Treatments Fail.
Relapse Patients

LAVERDIA-CA1 comes to the rescue.

With three tablet strengths for precise dosing, you can maximize therapeutic benefit and minimize side effects.

When your pet is <span>Cancer Free.</span>
Maintains Remission
When your pet is Cancer Free.
In Remission

Works as maintenance therapy.

LAVERDIA-CA1 spares healthy cells, targets mutating cells, and immediately goes to work in the nucleus helping naturally occurring tumor suppressor proteins fight against cancer.

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Powerful, effective and proven to stop lymphoma

Not Cytotoxic

Not Injectable

Not Bone Marrow Suppressive

For Use: Prior to chemotherapy, with or without prednisone, or when relapse occurs.

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Awarded 30 patents for novel technology

Breakthrough SINE technology works in the nucleus of cells to kill cancer before it can spread.

See What <span>Experts Say</span>
See What Experts Say
"Laverdia has the potential to become routine, ‘standard of care’ treatment for dogs."
CHERYL LONDON, DVM, PhD Professor, Tufts University
Discover <span>Success Stories</span>
Discover Success Stories
Improving quality of life. Learn how Sadie found more time with her owners and outlasted dire predictions.
Learn How <span>It Works</span>
Learn How It Works
Fighting cancer in the cell nucleus. Watch our Mechanism of Action and see how Laverdia works.
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Spend more quality time together.

The world's first targeted lymphoma treatment in pill form that makes it possible for you to -

Treat your dog anywhere.

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Spend more time living together.

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Treat your dog in the comfort of home
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Priced to make treatment possible for more pets
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Studies show only mild or moderate side effects
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Blocks the nuclear export of tumor suppressor proteins resulting in cancer death
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Proven to fight even the most aggressive form of lymphoma
Manageable Side Effects

The most common side effects - anorexia, diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss, vomiting - are mild to moderate and effectively managed with supportive care.

Hard on Cancer, Not on Your Dog

Dogs on treatment maintain quality of life and continue favorite activities. In clinical studies with more than 250 dogs, none discontinued treatment as a result of side effects.

This is an Innovation in the treatment of canine lymphoma

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Be Prepared For The Mountains And Beyond!

Start treating canine lymphoma patients today




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